Recommendations for surgery

After emergency surgery, bleeding from the nose. If you have other questions during office hours and contact number of the office of the clerk ask your questions

Preoperative care:

1) using drugs two weeks before surgery to avoid unnecessary

2) drugs, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E to cut off two weeks before the operation

3) if a specific drug by the doctor, make sure to inform your doctor

4) the night before surgery and gentlemen, you bathe your face as much as possible correct and hair inside the nose to be corrected

5) Dear ladies go without makeup the day of surgery

6) from midnight (12 pm) to avoid the practice of eating food and liquids out

7) day of fasting (ie breakfast do not even empty water)

8) the day of surgery X-rays, CT scans and tests to be sure your (doctor if requested)


Postoperative care:

1) After surgery and transmission to the operating room immediately on the nose and under the eyes of bags of ice water use and up to 72 hours so proceed

2) plasma discharge of gas around the nose to 72 hours Gas natural phenomenon Simply nose can be replaced

3) The first 2-3 days after surgery at home, rest your head minister is 45-60 degrees higher than the body, then walking is allowed.

4) post-operative nausea and even vomiting in some people may be blood, do not worry if the shot was intense anti-vomiting (Metoclopramide hopeful or ondansetron) intramuscular use

5) after surgery some people who are sneezing, sneeze open mouth to the nose burdened with worry

6) prescription drugs (after full consciousness) and regular consumption continue

7) 3-7 days after surgery to remove a nasal tampon or nasal tubes visit

8) 7-10 days with a doctor to remove the plaster and stitches projected by appointment to the office visit, be sure to visit your shower, but do not remove the nose if your bandrole was loose plaster adhesive on the check

10) in the first 2 weeks after surgery than any Finn a bending too much straining, lifting heavy objects, do not

11) The first day of liquid nutritional use and then cooked meal of chicken cooked rice such as rice, porridge and soups that do not require lots of chewing use after 10-14 days of regular food use

12) After nose, your nose will be swollen reduced drag it in the first month, but about 12-18 months will continue to be the best agent to reduce swelling over time and avoid heavy physical activity is

13) swelling and bruising under the eyes and bruises within sight of the simple effects nose surgery is usually 2-3 weeks after the lost do not worry

14) refer to the clinic after surgery, Mfsh Wear comfortable that you do not need to open and close a shoestring

15) refer to the removal of tampons and sutures Fruit juices (Sandys and chocolate) with you

16) do not exercise until a month after light activity such as swimming, treadmill exercise ball is permitted, but not avoid and combat a year

17) Do not wear clothing easy to use and wear turtlenecks

18) the second day can use a toothbrush

19) Dr Soofizadeh’s mobile phone number given to you through SMS and emergency call

* After emergency surgery, bleeding from the nose. If you have other questions during office hours and contact number of the office of the clerk ask your questions

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Consult a doctor Soofizadeh honest and society, often for half an hour will take this advice. Sufi born doctor to your concerns and expectations will listen expectations, and the ultimate goal is exactly the implementation is what you want to achieve from your surgery.

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