Nasal deviation

The human nose is composed of two distinct parts that are separated by a septum.The septum is straight naturally so one can easily and without any problems , breathe on both sides of his nostrils.Some people are born with a deviated septum,if it is minor and do not cause any problems with breathing and draining...

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The nose surgery steps

What steps do you provide for surgery? Dr.SofiZadeh visits patients three days a week at his clinic. After making appointment, the patients come to him and he listen to them carefully to understand their requests.And then sums up his information about patients by asking right questions about their ages, job and work conditions ,marital status...

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Consult a doctor Soofizadeh honest and society, often for half an hour will take this advice. Sufi born doctor to your concerns and expectations will listen expectations, and the ultimate goal is exactly the implementation is what you want to achieve from your surgery.

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