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Dr. Mohammad SoofiZadeh withover 28 years experiences in the practice , has achieved a lot of experiences in the field of rhinoplasty. He has spent several years on internal medicine so in addition to his expertise, he has valuable information in the field of other diseases. Now Dr.SofiZadeh has more than 17 years experience in the field of ear, nose and throat surgery and cosmetic surgery, he is a very experienced and one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the country.


In addition to participate in seminars and conferences,his experiences are achieved through careful and extensive study in more than ten thousand patients who have been operated by him.

Dr.SofiZadeh pursues his cosmetic surgery patients for some years after their surgery so this is a reason which has enhanced his experiences.


1357 – The entrance to Pahlavi University of Shiraz with state high ranking.

1366 – Graduated from university and started with the practice of internal affairs and gaining the experience in this field.

1377 – The entrance to Tehran University of Medical Sciences in the field of ear, throat and nose.

1381 – Graduated from the university and getting board with grade. 3

1381 – Started working as an assistant professor and faculty at the University of Medical Sciences in Lorestan.

1384 – Move to Tehran and activities in the field of cosmetic surgery of the face and nose.

– A member of Iranian Association of Surgeons.

– A member of Iranian Association of ear, nose and throat.

– A member of the Iranian Rhinology.society

– A member of European Association.

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Consult a doctor Soofizadeh honest and society, often for half an hour will take this advice. Sufi born doctor to your concerns and expectations will listen expectations, and the ultimate goal is exactly the implementation is what you want to achieve from your surgery.

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