Dr.SoofiZadeh , Ear, nose and throat specialist

Top Tehran Plastic Surgeon, Dr.SoofiZadeh is dedicated to enabling his patients to have the self-image that they choose to create for themselves. With superb surgical skills, and an artist's unique eye, Dr.SoofiZadeh helps each of his patients get the face, nose, or Ear that they envision for themselves. Whether you're in need of rhinoplasty, Ultherapy or a facelift, Dr.SoofiZadeh can help you look and feel your best. Learn more »

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A consultation with Dr.SoofiZadeh is different

Counseling :

Consult a doctor Soufizadeh honest and society, often for half an hour will take this advice. Sufi born doctor to your concerns and expectations will listen expectations, and the ultimate goal is exactly the implementation is what you want to achieve from your surgery. He will tell you what you want and reasonable and optimal fit for you or not combined, in the next stage of their recommendations on the best mode will tell you Examples may include before and after surgery pictures to show you, as well as examples of people with similar concerns and issues you have with you his example. Finally, with regard to taste and experience the great doctor himself will offer best fits your face and your nose photo photograph was taken in the design stage, and you can see your nose after surgery

Doctor Soofizadeh :

Always do a cosmetic surgery the cause of a better mode of operation will be In many patients it is found that a person's expectations with regard to the context of the case, seems very far-fetched and unreasonable and actually achieve those conditions, according to skin type and sex of the nose impossible In these cases, the patient should ask the doctor the facts and the advice of the doctor decide And it would be necessary to know which to judge the results of a cosmetic surgery at least six months will need