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Nasal deviation

The human nose is composed of two distinct parts that are separated by a septum.The septum is straight naturally so one can easily and without any problems , breathe on both sides of his nostrils.Some people are born with a deviated septum,if it is minor and do not cause any problems with breathing and draining sinuses ,it will not need to take any actions but if it is severe and causes any problems with breathing and also sinuses, it will lead to many problems to patients so in this situation deviated septum surgery will be selected as the treatment.The main problem of patients is a nasal obstmet and they are not interested in plastic surgery at the same time.After taking the patient’s information forum ,intranasal examination and, if necessary, a CT scan check the patient’s nasal problems.

If the patient does not have polyps -allergies or some general diseases such as hypothyroidism or nasal tumor and specially if nasal appearance is crooked, the surgery will be done .In this surgery, the nasal appearance will remain unchanged and nasal septum deviation will be corrected by an incision inside the nose.At the end of surgery tam pons or nasal airway tube are inserted and fixed and only a bandage is placedin the nose. tampons or nasal airway tube are removed 3-7 days after surgery and stitches inside the nose do not to need to remove because are absorbable.Generally, the hospitalization of patient is less than 1 day in this surgery and there is no bruising around the eyes.After nasal septum deviation surgery, there is noneed to dressing and the patient can return to his normal life after 7-3 days but it is recommended to avoid strenuous activities until 4 weeks.

patients who only have the nasal septum deviation should notice that in this surgery , the nasal appearance does not change and only the septum is corrected.But sometimes in addition to the septum ,the nasal bones are crooked so in this case only nasal septum surgery is not helpful and the nasal bones should be straightened at the same time.In this case Dr.Soufizadeh strongly recommends that deviation and cosmetic surgery should be done to solve the breathing difficulty at the same time. Nasal deviated septum surgery is done after puberty but surgery can be done by special considerations and the experience of the surgeon sooner.

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