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The nose surgery steps

What steps do you provide for surgery?

Dr.SofiZadeh visits patients three days a week at his clinic. After making appointment, the patients come to him and he listen to them carefully to understand their requests.And then sums up his information about patients by asking right questions about their ages, job and work conditions ,marital status ,infectious disease , seasonal or drug allergies,smoking and drinking alcohol. In the initial consultation,Dr.SofiZadeh carefully pays attention to his patient behavior to gaint initial assessment of personality and psychological state of the patient.And on the other hand, he listens to the request of the patient completely and accurately and then explains to his patient enough that each person should have a realistic attitudede pending on the type of his nose.

After this testing phase,photography, X-rays and other expert consultations will be given to the patient.On the second consultation, Dr.SofiZadeh prepares the requested items by the patient and psychological assessment ,comprehensive testing ,comments on the patient request and the possible result of surgery are explained to the patient completely.Dr.SofiZadeh analyzes different photographs of patient by using special software and makes realistic design of patient nose according to the age, sex, skin, nose deviation and other problemsand then informs his patient. And also he explains to his patient that this software system partially reflects the future shape of the nose and the system of human body is dynamic and sometimes there are unforeseen issues which affect on the healing process by 6-10%.

In certain and limited cases, patient is sent to psychiatrist or psychologist to complete his treatment.

If Dr.SofiZadeh accepts the patient surgery, will announce his final comment and determine the time of surgery.

Where the rhinoplasty is done?And what facilities and factors should it have?

Nose surgery should definitely be in the operating room. Rhinoplasty may be performed in an accredited office-based surgical facility, a licensed ambulatory surgical center or a hospital. According to the quality of rhinoplasty,Dr.SofiZadehoften does his operation in nose surgery clinic.

What are the standard conditions of the operating room?

The standard operating room should consist of three partsas below:

  1. Anesthesiologist
  2. Experienced personnel of operating room and anesthesia
  3. Equipment

Fortunately, Dr.SoufiZadeh surgery clinic has the three basic conditions.There are two anesthesiologists and experienced personnel and advanced equipment anesthesia and certain drugs have provided doctor and patients relief.

An anesthesia consultation is done for all patients before surgery and if there is any problem, they will consider to it. Medications are unique for your comfort during the surgical procedure ,immediately after the surgery, when the patient wakens up,will be transferred to the recovery room.Pulse – Blood pressure, breathing, oxygen levels are controlled by special devices in the recovery room.The patient is transferred to the room after fixation of all vital signs and is discharged after 3-5 hours later.If the patient tends to stay overnight , he can spend the night at the clinic.

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